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We draw from our rich Telegram Community to send a massive 7,000 proven investors to your ICO. Now you've got the rich capital support and thunderous buzz you need to make your ICO one the Crypto world is talking about.

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We've been doing this for awhile and we've got the proven formula for sending a flood of enthusiastic investors to your ICO. We top that off with a robust PR and marketing effort that makes your offering the one everyone is excited about.

This is the kind of massive PUSH your ICO needs to get attention, grab interest, build excitement, and get thousands of proven investors to ACT!

The first success snowballs into much greater successes with a massive response and stunning cash flow. It's every ICO creator's dream. With ICO Express it can easily become your REALITY.

* We create your Telegram Channel to give your ICO a high visibility platform

* You get your own custom Marketing Plan with a precision focus on your goals and planned results

* Our professional team creates Daily Content for your Telegram channel with 5 new posts every day

* More than 7,000 Investors with an average $1,000 USD to invest are invited to your ICO. That's a potential $7 MILLION investment

* We carefully manage your Telegram channel for optimum results


You don't have to wait days, months, a year for us to go to work and start producing results. We FLY into action and quickly create your channel and content. Then we send a FLOOD of proven investors to your ICO. We build excitement and non-stop buzz using terrific content to interest more investors and the entire crypto community. Soon everyone is talking about YOU. You are experiencing an avalanche of cash.

Compare that to most other ICO's. They start with big hopes and dreams, but their promotion is lacking. Yes, they may be spending big money on advertising and PR, but the results just aren't there. Pretty soon they've exhausted their marketing budget with nothing to show for it but a sad, lonely ICO. A few friends and family invest out of the goodwill in their hearts, but nobody else seems to know about your ICO or care.

Don't let your plans fall into this common trap. Tools that claim they can predict investor participation are mostly hype. The ONLY sure way to get robust investor participation is our MASSIVE PUSH by experienced professionals. We have a strong established position in the Crypto Community.

We've been doing this for awhile and have launched numerous ICO's. We understand the community, have a huge number of established contacts and are constantly in the ear of influential opinion makers.

It's time for YOU to give your ICO the big break it deserves. Work with ICO Express for Crypto's most capable ICO Marketing. We're the ICO Marketing Agency who can get you huge results almost instantly.

Are you ready for 7,000 proven investors with an average $1,000 USD to descend on your ICO? Let's get you started. Order now or contact us for answers to all your questions. This is the most important gift you can give to the success of your ICO.

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Your business is too important to be marketed by half-measures. We’ve pulled out all the stops to put your ICO marketing in all the right places. The result? Our ICO marketing packages have made our clients millions! This funds the most meaningful endeavors, turning visions into realities.

ICO Express - leading ICO Marketing agency

Our team started working with ICO projects in the middle of 2016 and since then helped to raise over $200mln to over 50 ICO’s. With our advertising network, clients can quickly engage with millions of potential investors without a hassle and for affordable prices on the most known community.